BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Setting up the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

BlackBerry PlayBook Setup

When your BlackBerry PlayBook arrives, the first thing you need to do is set it up. Knowing is half the battle, so in this tutorial we'll walk through the basics of getting your new BlackBerry PlayBook up and running. The setup wizard is very straight forward and easy to use, and as you might imagine covers the basics of setting up your date and time, connecting to a WiFi network, connecting to a BlackBerry via the BlackBerry Bridge (assuming you own a BlackBerry Smartphone, not that you need one to buy the PlayBook) and more. Keep reading for the full tutorial!

BlackBerry PlayBook Setup

Turning on the BlackBerry PlayBook for the First time

When you turn on the BlackBerry® PlayBookTM tablet for the first time, you must complete the setup process. To navigate during the setup process, complete the following:

  • To continue to the next screen, swipe right to left on the screen.
  • To return to a previous screen, tap Back.
  • To skip an optional screen, tap Skip.

1. Welcome Screen

BlackBerry PlayBook Setup

Plug the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet into a power outlet to ensure that you have enough power to complete the setup process (odds are you should be safe without doing that, but better safe and plugged in!).

2. Connect to Wi-Fi

BlackBerry PlayBook Wi-Fi Setup

Connect to a Wi-Fi network using one of the following methods:

  • Manually Connect to a Network
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup
Note: You can also connect to available Wi-Fi networks that are displayed on the screen.

3. Set Date And Time

BlackBery PlayBook Setup - Date and Time

Easy to do, you'll want to update the date and time next.

4. BlackBerry End User Terms

BlackBerry PlayBook End User Terms

The next step is to accept the BlackBerry End User Agreement. Once you accept the license agreement you can continue the setup process.

Note: If you do not accept the license agreement, the tablet turns off!!! So be sure to accept.

5. Login to BlackBerry ID or Create Your Account

BlackBerry PlayBook Setup - BlackBerry ID

Create or sign in with a BlackBerry® ID to use a single email address and password to log in to any BlackBerry product that supports BlackBerry ID. To sign in to your BlackBerry ID account, type your BlackBerry ID login information. To create a BlackBerry ID account, tap Create a BlackBerry ID.

6. BlackBerry PlayBook Setup - Software Updates

BlackBerry PlayBook Setup - Software Updates

To ensure your PlayBook is running the latest software available, during the setup process it will check for updates. If newer software is available than what shipped on your device, you can download it here to use the latest software available.

7. BlackBerry Bridge Setup

BlackBerry Bridge Setup

You do not need a BlackBerry Smartphone to use a BlackBerry PlayBook, but if you own a BlackBerry you can connect it to your PlayBook tablet via the BlackBerry Bridge. Connect your tablet to your BlackBerry smartphone to access email, calendars, BlackBerry Messenger files, and other data directly from your tablet. To set up BlackBerry Bridge, tap Setup.

8. BlackBerry PlayBook Basics

BlackBerry PlayBook Basics

Learn how to navigate the BlackBerry Tablet OS. To view tutorials, tap Learn about the home screen and Learn how to access Menus. The PlayBook makes use of gestures, so you'll want to be sure to learn these to get the full experience of the device and operating system.

9. Congratulations - You're Ready to Play!

BlackBerry PlayBook Setup Complete!

That's it! Your BlackBerry PlayBook setup is now complete.  To learn more, you can follow the additional tutorials displayed on the screenfor Desktop Manager, BlackBerry Bridge, Wi-Fi, Language and also an Interactive Tutorial.

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