A screenshot of BlackBerry App World in OS 2.0 

Now that everyone is getting cozy with BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0, it's time to root out all of the teeniest, tiniest changes in the update. We already know about the big stuff, like remote control, and Android app support, but we didn't know about App World getting a significant user interface overhaul. Ok, we did but we didn't know how it would function.

Functionally, everything is pretty much the same, but instead of a carousel, there's now a panning grid, with a themed section taking up two squares-worth of real estate.  The tabs on the top are unchanged, but the bottom pane has been pared down to the top paid games and apps. The top free, top rated, and new arrivals are tucked into the top tier games and apps sections. 

I'm still flipping through it all myself, trying to spot Android apps among the usual suspects... Have you guys noticed anything new in the new version of App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook?