Last night an interesting thread popped up in the CrackBerry Forums questioning whether or not the BlackBerry PlayBook screen was made from Gorilla Glass like the iPad. Reality is, neither one has Gorilla Glass, so the conversation quickly moved to how durable the screen on the PlayBook really is.

Looking around, there are no "scratch test" videos for the BlackBerry PlayBook out there --aside from those that promote the use of sceen protectors, but people wanted to know how well it would hold up without a screen protector. Having put my PlayBook through all sorts of suitcases, laptop bags and carry-ons in the past I know it's pretty scratch resistant, but there were no examples to prove this. So at 4:00AM I fired up the video camera for a quick video to show everyone interested just how scratch resistant it really is.

I never intended it for it to be posted here on the blogs so do forgive the lack of production value but hopefully it helps those who were wondering. This was done on my own personal PlayBook that I use everyday. I think that says a lot.

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