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BlackBerry PlayBook

Last night at 9pm EDT the embargo lifted and the interwebs filled up with BlackBerry PlayBook reviews. You'll definitely want to check out CrackBerry's BlackBerry PlayBook Review if you haven't done so yet, and to save you some time from searching we've roundedup the other PlayBook reviews we've come across so far (if we've missed any, drop the links in the comments).

All in all the final summary points across the majority of the reviews were pretty consistent, though there was definitely a mix in the tone of the reviews. Some of the reviews had a more positive outlook, mainly praising the PlayBook's hardware and making note of the raw power of the QNX-based operating system and what it will allow RIM to do with the BlackBerry platform moving ahead, despite what it may be lacking at launch. Other reviews focused mainly on the negative, being the lack of native email, PIM and quality 3rd party apps at launch. I tried to take a straight out unbiased and honest approach on our review, highlghting the goods along with the bads. In addition to reading the CB review, I'd definitely recommend checking out Anandtech's review - it is also very indepth and comes at the review from more of a technical analysis of the hardware and QNX OS. I also thought Sascha Segan's PCMag review, while quite a bit shorter, hit a lot of great points.

Looking through some of the comments from CrackBerry readers on the review and in the forums, it seems that most folks that have been wanting to get a PlayBook are still set on it, some more than ever. A few are going to cancel their pre-orders and wait till they can play with it in stores before making their final decision.  I have to say, the more I use the PlayBook the more the form factor is growing on me. While working on a review your mindset is very critical and you're not really having "leisure time fun" on the device, as you have a deadline you're working toward. After my review was published last night I kicked back on the couch and straight out just played with on the PlayBook, browsing the web shooting off emails from the Bridge. After three hours of non-stop playtime, I didn't want to put it down and go to bed (Miss CrackBerry is already worried I'm addicted to it). That being the case, I'm thinking this really is going to be the start of a long-lasting friendship.. err... addiction..

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