The other day Research in Motion held one of their BlackBerry Developer Days in Toronto. At that event, Mike Kirkup was on hand to give some demos of the BlackBerry PlayBook. While we knew the BlackBerry PlayBook was capable of a presentation mode experience we've never really seen it demoed inquite this fashion -- in the video above Mike walks us through watching a video that is subsequently displayed on the larger screen and on the BlackBerry PlayBook at the same time, while Need for Speed runs in the background.

Nothing really fancy about that but, as presentation mode gets enabled -- the video is still playing on the larger screen while, Mike can then pull up Need For Speed or any other application for that matter -- on the BlackBerry PlayBook. If you've been wondering why, exactly you'd want a video playing in the background as you were doing other thingswhile watching previous demos of the PlayBook -- this should clear things up as it's a prime example of a use case scenarion for such a thing. Pretty awesome, give a board room presentation and play some games. ;)

Thanks, Dave for sending this in!

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