BlackBerry PlayBook possible pricing?!

* Update from Kevin: As noted my some members in the comments here, when I saw this post I also thought what's with the 8gb version? We previously saw word from RIM at Gitex that the PlayBook will be hitting in 16gb, 32gb and 64gb versions. I still assume the 8gb version sourced here is a mistake, so it's more likely the 16gb pricing is what's stated as being for 8gb, the 32gb is the 16gb price, and the 64gb price is what's stated as the 32gb price. At least I hope that's the case. *

Back in September we ran a poll here on CrackBerry asking what folks thought the BlackBerry PlayBook would cost. The results of that poll showed that most folks were expecting that $400-$500 mark to be the spot with $300- $400 being the next in line. Today, some rumored pricing was revealed and it seems to fit right in line with both of those options. So, what's the pricing look like?

  • 8GB: $399
  • 16GB: $499
  • 32GB: $599 

A rumor of course but realistically, this pricing seems totally accurate. The BlackBerry PlayBook would need to come in at this pricing in order to stay competitive with everything else that is out there. Also noted in today’s rumors was the information that all versions released first will be Wi-Fi only with the ability to tether to a BlackBerry for data service. Something that has been mentioned before but, the source claims WWAN ability will arrive in 2012. Seems a bit far off for our liking but that's why it's a rumor for now. However, that pricing is something we can deal with for sure, what about you all?

Source: Mobility insider

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