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Ok CrackBerry Podcast listeners.... this is the BlackBerry PlayBook Review special you've been waiting for. For those not into the PlayBook, the good news is we start off with all of the phone rumor talk of the day, including discussion on the BlackBerry Bold Touch, BlackBerry Touch, Torch 2, Curve Touch (you get it... a whole lot of new phones!) and more. 

From there, we move into a long discussion on the BlackBerry PlayBook. I've had my unit for over a week. Adam has had his for about 12 hours. And Bla1ze, Craig and Joseph had lots of questions and comments as we walked through it all, starting with the hardware and diving into the software. The show nearly stretches out to 2 hours... but it's one you'll want to listen to if you're thinking about becoming a BlackBerry PlayBook Addict. Enjoy the show!

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