Just as we're heading down the home stretch for the big BlackBerry 10 announcement tomorrow, it looks like we have another bit of fun news as well. According to Context, the BlackBerry PlayBook is currently outselling the new iPad in the UK. Yes, you read that right. In some very cool and unexpected news, the PlayBook has been tops during the last two months of 2012.

Context says the 160,000 PlayBooks sold in comparison to 113,000 of the latest iPad model (the total number of all iPads sold however was 203,000). The PlayBook does sell for less than half of a new iPad however, fetching £129 to the iPads £399.  Also noted is that retailers have much higher profit margins for the PlayBook which helps them want to move more product. Hopefully this is a good sign of what's to come when BB10 phones land in the UK as well.

Source: BGR