Lloyd on PlayBook

The developer beta for the BlackBerry PlayBook v2.0 has been updated. With it brings just a few improvements to help developers in creating their apps. The first is that BlackBerry WebWorks applications can now call the GPS. Secondly, Wi-Fi profiles are now saved and do not disappear after rebooting your PlayBook. After registering to receive the developer beta software, an icon will appear in the status bar on their BlackBerry PlayBook to notify that the update is available. At that point you'll have 24 hours to complete the update of software on your PlayBook. After 24 hours, developers can reregister to receive the Developer Beta of PlayBook OS 2.0 as long as the beta is still open.

If you are already running the developer beta, by now you should see a gear symbol signifying that there is an update available. To update simply tap the top right corner of your screen, select Software Updates, Check for Update and complete.

*Update* - Looks as though RIM decided to put BlackBerry App World back into the build. They've adjusted the information on their blog and it no longer reads that App World will not be loaded. Try reregistering your PIN if you have issues though as suggested in the comments.

Source:  Inside BlackBerry Developer's Blog

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