BlackBerry PlayBook

Internally, RIM has been testing 2.1 builds of their BlackBerry PlayBook OS for quite some time now. Shortly after the big 2.0 OS drop, RIM hopped right into building 2.1 and now they seem ready to go ahead and give folks a look at just what they've been working on according to some tweets from Michael Clewley, BlackBerry PlayBook Product Manager at RIM.

Lots of questions about the #PlayBook 2.1 beta, they will be answered in the blog post when it's available so stay tuned!

Right now, the ETA is sitting at "end of May" -- so take from that what you will. The beta process will be the same as the previous one but we're now hearing the version that is being tested for developer beta release sits What changes will it bring? We'll have to wait and see but I know for sure, PlayBook fans will enjoy going through it and picking out the highlights.

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