BlackBerry PlayBook

Keeping in line with their security focused background, RIM has now announced that both the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 and BlackBerry Device Service have now gained FIPS 140-2 certification. The BlackBerry PlayBook having been the first FIPS certified tablet for deployment within U.S. federal government agencies and Australian government has maintained certification with each iteration of the OS and kernel and presumably, will continue to meet the gold standard IT and security organizations.

In addition to those items being certified, BlackBerry 7 devices are also FIPS 140-2 certified by the National Institute of Standards and technology (NIST) and the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC). In simpler words, BlackBerry remains secure and goverments will continue to use the devices and services no matter how many useless drivel articles pop up stating otherwise.

Source: BizBlog