BlackBerry PlayBook Staples Cancelled

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Like many others I have placed my BlackBerry PlayBook on order at Staples. Everything was pretty straight forward aside from the ship date showing as April 13th (which we know isn't true). I've been checking my order status every day, and until yesterday all was fine and dandy as it was shown as "processing". Early yesterday however, to my surprise the order was shown as "Cancelled". Not happy. I immediately called up Staples (800-STAPLES) to find out what the issue was. The Staples rep actually had a note (for lack of a better term) with instructions regarding PlayBook orders, and I was told that the cancelled status of my order was normal for this pre-order, and it would update again in the system when the device was in stock and ready to ship. They said I could expect it to ship between April 18th and 21st, and not to worry because my "order is still in there".

So hopefully for now crisis averted, but I'm still left wondering why their system even goes that route. Have you had the same issue as myself and many others? Drop a comment letting us know your situation, then head to the forums for more discussion. 

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