Last week I flew to New York for a media event to check out the BlackBerry PlayBook once again. It was a good mix of RIM peeps and press and we got to check out the BlackBerry PlayBook with some more hands on time. Nothing super new was shown off (same device builds as we did our videos and BlackBerry PlayBook review on back at CES), but it does make me want to get one of my own more and more each time I pick one up. Knowing that there is already newer software out there that we haven't seen yet has me thinking final gold code is close at hand.

A couple items of interest did pop up when playing with the PlayBook this time around. One thing to note that we haven't seen before is the low battery indicator on the screen. As you can see here at the 0:26 mark, the upper left of the screen glows red when the battery is low - super cool. Odds are that other notifications should tap into that real estate as well. I was also happy to see system settings that allow you to automatically pause minimized apps (so if you're playing a game and minimize it to open another app it pauses vs. keeps playing).

Be sure to check out the quick video above and see if you can spot my two voice-over appearances!

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