BlackBerry PlayBook headed to Verizon?!

As many folks already know the BlackBerry PlayBook is headed to Sprint and adopting their WiMax 4G services. What many folks never noticed was an obscure Verizon website had been put up advertising an early access program for Verizon users. The problem with the site is that it's never really been fully verified by Verizon, at least not yet anyway. Kevin noticed this site had gone up back on January 28th but still no official word was passed around. One could easily assume that if Sprint is getting a 4G version then Verizon is bound to as well at some point, despite using different 4G services as an all out LTE version has already been rumored. Or it could be that Verizon is going to sell the Wi-Fi only version for now too (an upsell to corporate BlackBerry Smartphone customers?). But you know what happens when people start to assume things. In any event, we sure do wish we had a code at the time when they were offering the early access.

Via: Engadget