Well, it's not quite our typical hands-on video, but I do put my hands on the device through a piece of glass. It'll have to do for now. Leaving the keynote session at BlackBerry DevCon, RIM had the BlackBerry PlayBook out on display for onlookers to drool over. Check out the video above for a quick look at the first BlackBerry tablet.

I also compare the the BlackBerry PlayBook to the Apple iPad and my BlackBerry Bold 9700 in the video to give you an impression of where it fits into the size equation. The form factor is pretty cool. It's a lot smaller than an iPad, but a lot bigger then your typical BlackBerry. Overall, I'm liking the form factor. It definitely fits with the "first professional tablet" branding as well. Going sorta hands-on we could see that they had on display both 16GB and 32GB versions of the PlayBook. No removable battery either - that's a new one for us BlackBerry users to have to deal with. It's hawt though. LOVING it.  We give a run down of the specs in the video and you can check out the BlackBerry PlayBook announcement for more information. I can't wait to do a REAL hands-on video of this one. It's the BlackBerry PlayBook... and really is a whole new ball game for RIM. Gonna be fun!