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It was only last week that here in the UK the 64GB PlayBook got a price drop at Currys/PC World and for some bizarre reason it has been retailing at £129. Both the 16GB and 32GB version of the 7 inch tablet have now also been re-priced and the new costs fall in line with the 64GB model.
So if you fancy a bargain you can pick up the BlackBerry PlayBook for the following prices:

  • £109 for the 16GB
  • £119 for the 32GB
  • £129 for the 64GB

All three prices are an online exclusive and as well as home delivery you can also reserve and collect from your local store if you wish. I have no idea what stock levels are like so you may not want to hang around. If you are at all hesitant of purchasing the PlayBook may I remind you that we have been promised by RIM that it will indeed get an upgrade to BlackBerry 10, although when exactly this will be is still very much a mystery. Either way, this will be the cheapest way to get a BB10 device and from using the new software you will have to trust me on this one when I say you WILL want one!

Head on over to Currys or Dixons and get your orders in.

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