Are you one of the many that have had their eyes on the BlackBerry PlayBook, waiting for the right price to be able to finally land one in your hands? We have seen a number of PlayBook sales and promotions pop up already, and it appears as though they just keep on coming in. Within just the past few days we have seen quite a few more pop, so we decided to break them down for you to see which is the best deal for you. We'll update this post if/when more discounts pop up, so if you're looking to get a discounted PlayBook be sure to check back here before making your purchase.

BlackBerry PlayBook Pricing Roundup (as of Oct. 5)

Future Shop / Best Buy Canada


Canadians can take advantage of some great deals from Futureshop and Best Buy on the BlackBerry PlayBook. It appears as though they are offering $100 off the device, plus a $100 giftcard, or if you order online the second $100 can be instantly deducted. Ordering online can score you a 16GB PlayBook for only $299, a pretty stellar price for such an awesome device.

Check out the PlayBook savings at Future Shop / Best Buy

WalMart (Canada)


Walmart comes in with the best pricing on the PlayBook, but that may make it a bit harder to find there, or they have less stock, as we all know how that game goes. Walmart is offering the 16GB model for 50% off, at only $249 it is a steal.

Reports on this one are a bit back and forth, some are seeing the discount, others are not, so if you are lucky enough to score one at this price, be sure to let us know. 

Check out the PlayBook savings at Walmart

Staples (Canada)


The deals are all over the place for Canadians, Staples has slashed the price of all the PlayBook models by $100, bringing the 32GB version down to $399. While not as slick a deal as some of the others, who doesn't enjoy saving $100 on something? 

Check out the PlayBook savings at Staples 

Vodafone (Qatar)


For our friends across the pond it looks like the good folks at Vodafone Qatar have cut the price of the 16GB PlayBook down to QR 1299, which is about $350. What are you waiting for? Get to going and get your PlayBook before the sale runs dry!

Check out the PlayBook savings at Vodafone

Best Buy (US)

Best Buy 

Well, looks like the US Best Buy locations have finally received word of the sales going on around, and decided to change their pricing as well. You can snag a 16GB PlayBook for $299, $100 more for each size upgrade. Head into your local store, or grab one online.

Check out the PlayBook savings at Best Buy

The Source (Canada)


Yet another company wanting in on the fun of the PlayBook discounts, and The Source in Canada has discounted all their BlackBerry PlayBooks by $200, bringing the 16GB down to the familiar $299 price tag we have seen around. Interesting note about the sale from The Source is that unlike others, they list the sale to end on Dec. 31, 2011, so could this be their new permanent price for the device?

Check out the PlayBook savings at The Source 

Sears (Canada)


This deal is a bit different than those that we have seen so far, this time the purchase comes at a discount if you buy a case. You may be thinking that stinks, but they have the 16GB PlayBook, along with either a leather sleeve or leather convertible case for $299, so the same price you can get it anywhere else, except this time you get a case with it!

Check out the PlayBook savings at Sears Canada

Staples (US)

Didn't think that Staples in the US would want to be left out of the discount party, did you? They have slashed the pricing of the BlackBerry PlayBook by $200, bringing the 16GB version down to the $299 price point we have seen elsewhere. Looking to pick one up at Staples? Be sure to head in before Oct 15 or you will be missing out on the deal! 

Check out the PlayBook savings at Staples

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