BlackBerry PlayBook Cases are now avabile at!

BlackBerry PlayBook Cases

You knew this was coming - there's always a part of me that gets excited when I see cases for new devices (or even new cases for old devices). Along with all of the insane BlackBerry PlayBook goodies being shown off here at CES 2011, BlackBerry has a huge line of cases ready to roll with the PlayBook. There are loads of styles including the BlackBerry Neoprene Sleeve, BlackBerry BookBinder, BlackBerry Zip Sleeve, BlackBerry Envelope case and BlackBerry Hard Shell case. Overall great to see such a variety will be made available at launch so there will be plenty to choose from. Keep reading for more images. 

First look at all of the BlackBerry PlayBook cases shown off at CES 2011

BlackBerry PlayBook Skin Case
BlackBerry PlayBook Zip Sleeve
BlackBerry PlayBook Leather Envelope
BlackBerry PlayBook Hard Shell Case
BlackBerry Neoprene Sleeve

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