Media App Preview: A Video Look at the Camera, Video Recorder and Pictures and Videos Apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook!

With it's 7" display and HD aspect ratio, the BlackBerry PlayBook is definitely a media-friendly tablet and since getting my PlayBook and reviewing it, I've been finding the camera/video recorder, pictures and video apps are getting used a lot.

One of the reasons I'm using the PlayBook's cameras so much are because the device is portable and I've been taking it everywhere I go. 1080p video recording as yet to come to an available-for-purchase BlackBerry Smartphone, so I've really been loving that. I've no synced over all of my photos onto the PlayBook too, which again thanks to the PlayBook's portability and screen size makes for a lot of fun (my gf's family finally got to see photos from all of the trips I've been on over the past couple of years). I also find myself opening the Pictures app and turning on a slide show whenever I put the PlayBook onto the Rapid Charging Stand. And the Videos app is getting a workout too - I watched a couple of flicks on it already (while hooked up to my tv via HDMI).

Check out the video above to get a quick overview of the camera/video recorders and Pictures and Videos apps. Now we just need RIM to get the Video Chat working on the PlayBook so we have a reason to use the front facing camera, and need an easy way to buy and download videos right on the device. But the apps are really nice to use and intuitive, so we're off to a good start!

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