I'm down in Orlando at CTIA 2011, and while it's a pretty quiet show for BlackBerry (so quiet that I was helping out Phil today on AndroidCentral.com - check my posts here) I did get to spend some time with the BlackBerry PlayBook and caught a gander of some of the native apps that are polishing up nicely as we near the PlayBook's launch.

In this video I take a quick look at the native Calculator app that'll be on the PlayBook at launch. I know a calcluator app isn't something one would normally get excited about, but I was pumped to see it as it's already a totally new app compared to the one I saw at the PlayBook NYC media event just a few weeks ago (which actually lacked a button for deleting characters in case you messed up). The new calculator app totally ROCKS!

This new and improved calculator offers up four modes -- Standard, Scientific, Converter and Tip -- which makes the PlayBook's calculator ultra handy, and also makes it unnecessary to go hunting for third party apps to complete those tasks. I also like the history and clear all option on the standard calculator. VERY handy. Check out the video above to see it in action! 

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