BlackBerry PlayBook battery life

Been wondering just how long the BlackBerry PlayBook battery will last when you're busy browsing the web, watching movies, listening to music, sending emails ... you get it - well we have too. Up until now we haven't really been informed of just what the PlayBook was packing as far as battery life. We know that the PlayBook will be sporting a 5300mAh battery (compare that to the awesome 1550mAh battery on the Bold 9700) so it definitely has some juice. Looking closely on the Staples pre-order page we can actually see the device listed as 10 hours with continual use. So, providing that isn't just a made up number and it actually came from RIM, that means you'll have plenty of go time on the PlayBook. If it's 10 hours with continual use, we can only image what the "down time" battery life will be. Of course we won't know for sure until we get our overly-ready hands on one, but it's totally promising as of now. What do you think? Will the PlayBook battery be just plain awesome or not get the job done? Sound off in the comments!