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BlackBerry PlayBook

If you're into numbers and statistics surrounding the BlackBerry PlayBook, the folks from Toronto-based Solutions Research Group have completed some new market research that reveals some interesting but not surprising growth. According to their survey, the BlackBerry PlayBook now holds 15 percent of the Canadian tablet market which is up 5 percent from previous surveys.

Apple's iPad remains at the top but has shown a drop in numbers going from 86 percent market share to 68 percent. In speaking about the PlayBook's growth, Kaan Yigit, president of SRG, noted that he wasn't all that surprised by the PlayBook's sales and went on to note:

“current iPad is great at home,” but is not “purse or jacket-pocket-friendly” like the PlayBook, which has a 7-inch screen as opposed to the 9.5-inch iPad. Given that, Apple would be “completely misguided” 

Yigit was referencing the reports that Apple may be working on a smaller version of the iPad that could potentially see announcement soon, if it were to happen. With PlayBook OS 2.0 set to drop any day now, it will be interesting to see how many people show a greater interest in the PlayBook once updated.

RIM selling the PlayBook at discounted pricing was indeed a smart move, they had nothing to really lose by doing so, but now that the PlayBooks are in people's hands, they'll have to follow up with some compelling software to keep them interested.

Source: Globe and Mail

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