BlackBerry PlayBook 4G

Remember when RIM announced the BlackBerry PlayBook? At that time, they also announced there would be some 3G/HSPA+ and 4G PlayBooks coming in the future, then at Mobile World Congress they made that fact even more well known. As we now know it, the Sprint WiMax version got canned when Sprint decided they would be going to LTE and since then, the PlayBook 4G has appeared a couple of times.

We've spotted it in FCC documents, we've spotted it in some arguably fake images and let's not forget RIM roadmaps and now we're seeing it again as posted in the CrackBerry forums. Not a whole to say about it really, it's not as if it shows off BlackBerry 10 or anything like that but there have been calls for a summer release of the device and we know there has been BlackBerry App World vendors getting shall we say -- carrier connected -- PlayBooks show up in their device logs. So will it end up in the hands of consumers soon? 

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