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BlackBerry PlayBook 4G

It's not exactly a secret that RIM has a BlackBerry PlayBook 4G the works, they were announced when the original PlayBook got announced but this, this is a weird situation that doesn't really turn out the best thus far. CrackBerry forums member thetaro describes the tale of purchasing his wife a PlayBook off eBay:

Long story short, my wife likes my Playbook 2.0 and I saw that someone was selling one that doesn't boot up on ebay, so I bought it. I was thinking I can easily restore the OS.

So I received it today, and it is the Playbook 4G Evaluation Unit. I believe the seller upgraded it to 2.0 and it bricked the playbook. The seller didn't mention about it being an evaluation unit and he sold it as is. So I don't think I can get my money back.

So now I got a playbook 4G that doesn't boot pass Blackberry screen. The desktop software won't connect to it neither. It won't connect to the boot rom, but the software can see the PIN. Am I SOL?

My major concern is that the unit could be a stolen unit and I may get into trouble. The playbook clearly says "Property of Research in Motion Limited" Evaluation Unit. Not for sale or lease."

Do you guys think I should contact RIM to see if they want it back? 

We're sure RIM will eventually reach out to thetaro to get the unit back assuming it's a legit 4G unit but what a way to get the first glimpse of a 4G PlayBook. Hopefully RIM will hook thetaro up with some sort of PlayBook package to make up the difference. Legit or fake? Sound off in the comments.

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