BlackBerry PIN Exchange Application for Facebook

The good folks at (hey wait, that's us!!) unveiled today the beta launch of the BlackBerry PIN Exchange application for Facebook.

The BlackBerry PIN Exchange enables Facebook/BlackBerry users to easily discover the device PIN numbers of their BlackBerry-toting friends and business associates. Members can dictate the level of privacy they want to maintain – sharing their PIN only with other BlackBerry using friends, listing it on the profile page for all friends to see, or making it viewable to all members of the PIN Exchange. In addition, it offers users the ability to:

  • Easily view the device PIN numbers of Facebook friends
  • Discover new friends on The Global Exchange
  • Create a profile and meet someone special in the PIN Meet area (a mini-personals site)
  • Invite other BlackBerry-using friends to join
  • Learn more about BlackBerry via content

Now to quote myself....

“For existing BlackBerry users upgrading to newer device models and for all the first time BlackBerry owners out there, we wanted to find an easy way to discover the current device PIN of friends and associates,” said Kevin Michaluk,’s founder and community editor.  “The BlackBerry PIN Exchange application does just that, and also adds the social-networking component for those who want it.  Now Facebook users, which happen to include a good cross-section of BlackBerry users, have another great way to stay in touch with their contacts and make new friends.”

You can find the BlackBerry PIN Exchange application for Facebook by visiting from your computer.  If you already have a Facebook account, just login and you will be taken straight to the BlackBerry PIN Exchange application page. The BlackBerry PIN Exchange already has nearly 1200 members with more being added every day. 

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