If you are a BlackBerry user (or want to be) in the Philippines then BlackBerry are needling you to be creative. Via their Facebook page they have come up with the Dream App Factory - a simple place where Facebook users can submit their ideas for an application they would like to see in BlackBerry World. Not only will the winners app be created by BlackBerry but they will also receive a Z10 as a prize!

Once you have submitted your dream app idea you can get your friends to vote for you and if you are in the top three you will be in with the chance of picking up the BlackBerry Z10. Submissions are open until July 14th and after that the voting will begin - ending on July 21st.

As usual with these competitions there are some strict terms and conditions which can be found on the Facebook page but most importantly - this one is only open to residents of the Philippines.

Good luck folk.

*Update - It now looks like Hong Kong and Indonesia are also taking part. I'd suggest trying the link below and seeing if you have the option to enter*

Head on over to the BlackBerry Dream App Factory