Christine Ross closing in on the Boston Marathon finish line

Do you run with your BlackBerry? If not, maybe you should start!

Featured in the latest Personal Edition of RIM's BlackBerry Connection newsletter is an interview with Christine Ross, a senior marketing executive and avid runner from Toronto. Christine ran in this year's Boston Marathon with two companions - one, her best friend Janice and the other her BlackBerry Pearl!

While Christine values the safety factor provided by having a phone with her during her runs, Christine also used her Pearl during the Boston Marathon "to take pictures, text my kids while they were at school and send emails to people at the office with updates and pictures. I even phoned a friend who was waiting for me on the route to tell her I was coming. I also phoned my husband so that he could hear the cheering of the crowd. He said that he felt like he was right there with me". [check out Christine's photos here]

Congratulations Christine, on both running in the Boston Marathon and winning my respect as a true CrackBerry! You definitely are getting the most of your Pearl. You can read the full interview here.

And now for my Friday morning question, I want to know, do you have your BlackBerry with you when you exercise? What features do you take advantage of? Share your experiences in the CrackBerry Forums!