What a nice present to wake up to - a new video of the hopefully soon to be announced BlackBerry Pearl 9100. It's 4:45am as I'm typing this... I just woke up from a short winter's nap and am about to head to the airport to catch my flight to Vegas for CES 2010. The event officially kicks off tomorrow and in last night's Leaving for CES 2010 post I made note that maybe, just maybe RIM would announce the new BlackBerry Pearl this week. Could this be an omen then that it'll happen? The video was recorded fresh (it's blurry on the zoom-ins, but you can still tell the top post on the CrackBerry mobile site is from yesterday). I guess we'll know soon enough.

Hopefully RIM will announce the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 this week and will have some units on-hand at their booth for me to play with. If so, I'll be reporting back soon with a BlackBerry Pearl 9100 review (and some video that's in better focus!). Big thanks to our friend of CrackBerry for sending this in!

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