BlackBerry Pearl 9100 To Support 802.11n WiFi?!?

The other day Boy Genius posted that he heard from one of his solid connects that the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 has seen a little revision change since we last heard some specs on it. The change, was that of 802.11n WiFi capability being added to next gen Suretype BlackBerry smartphone.

We're going to toss some gas on that fire as well as I have done some digging around and found the above .rdf profile for the BlackBerry Pearl 9100. That's not to say it will show up in the final revision, but Research In Motion notes the files with the WiFi radio in the title and well, there is no 9100_802.11g/b to be found at this time. So does anyone actually need or want 802.11n on their BlackBerry smartphone to make this feature?