BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Live Pic With T9 Keypad Shows Up

Just last week I was speaking with Kevin about the 9100/9105 keypad situation that has come up recently. I mentioned to him that we'd been seeing the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 for a long time now and if another keypad was being added to the device, surely we'd have seen pics of it by now. Guess that topic is kind of dead now considering the picture Ronen posted up over at BerryReview.

As you can see on the left is what we've come to know as that BlackBerry Pearl 9100 while, on the far right you can see the rumored T9 keyboard attached to what may or may not be the 9105 device we've seen mentioned lately. Looking at the pic, would any of you all even be able to use that keypad? I think I'd get so frustrated with it, it would end up tossed out the window.

Source: BerryReview