BlackBerry Pearl 8110 (Vodafone Italy)The BlackBerry Pearl 8110 is officially here. RIM today has announced the coming of the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 to Vodafone in Spain. Furthermore, our friend Stefano over at BB World sent word he received the an official invite to RIM/Vodafone's Milan launch party for the 8110 coming on January 30th.

And just today, I received word from one of my trusted Rogers guys that corporate store reps are going to be receiving their 8110 Pearl demos this week. Not hard to believe considering we have already had BlackBerry Pearl 8110 in the wild sightings. It looks like Canadians will have to continue to wait to see a WiFi enabled BlackBerry hit Canada - it seems Rogers will introduce an 8110 before an 8120 or 8320. It raises a good question...if you have to choose between having GPS and WiFi on a device (all other things equal), which would you go for?

Not Pearl 8110 related, but potentially of even greater importance, BlackBerrySync is stating that a CDMA version of the Curve, the 8330, is on its way (apparently fact, not just hope) and that we may even see it before WES in May! 

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