I received the following message from a CrackBerry.com member over the weekend and figured I'd post the goods...

Hi Kevin, I was involved in creating some videos showing how to setup BIS email on the BlackBerry Pearl & Nokia E51, and a couple showing 10 things we liked about those devices. I've posted copies of them onto www.YouTube.com/bizemail in case any forum members find them useful to watch, you want to embed the videos on the site, or pass on the links to others. If you have any comments, please let me know as we're considering doing more of them on related mobile email subjects.

  BlackBerry Pearl Top Tips

BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Email Setup 

Very cool of 02 to have videos like this. And I love the host! As for my comments, I say keep them coming!! Need to cover Full Qwerty... 0S 4.5 when it hits...etc.