Somehow during yesterday's BlackBerry Pearl 3G announcement madness we failed to notice the commercial for it that RIM posted up to their youtube channel. While it may not be quite as on the edge as that Lane Bryant video we saw last week, it's definitely a departure from the the last few launch videos we've seen RIM do that tend to put the focus straight on the device. This one is all about the BlackBerry ownerership experience rather than the device itself and focuses on how a Pearl 3G owner integrates the phone into her daily life. It's a good style of commercial for sure and Santogold fans will like the soundtrack. Virgin Mobile Canada actually did a similar style of online video a while back for the Pearl 8130 with their Sweet Life with BlackBerry commercial... I've re-embedded it below for old time's sake since I dubbed it back then to be the Best BlackBerry Commercial Ever.

What's really interesting about the Pearl 3G is that while the advertising we have seen so far seems to be geared towards women, I think this is a device you will end up seeing a LOT of men using too. It's a powerhouse yet it's really pocketable. If anybody believed in the notion that Pearls are for Girls, the Pearl 3G should shatter that stigma. Over the years we've been a bit guilty of neglecting the Pearl here on the blogs in favor of devices with a full qwerty, but I have a feeling that'll change with this one hitting the market. Enjoy the videos!

Just for fun... Virgin Mobile Canada Sweet Life on BlackBerry Commercial

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