BlackBerry Pearl 3G With AWS Passes Through The FCC

We've already seen the BlackBerry Pearl 3G pass through the FCC once. The first time around it was caught carrying standard 3G bands which are standard for that of AT&T, Rogers, Bell and TELUS. This time however, Engadget has caught it passing through with 1700mHz which is designed for carriers such as T-Mobile and WIND (deja vu?). We reported on the rumours that T-Mobile was taking a pass on the sexy new Pearl but after that some more information has indeed come about. That being that T-Mobile actually has the device floating around their internal systems and is being identified as "T-Mo P3G 148", so we'll see how it all plays out. As it stands, the FCC passed both the 14 and 20 key configurations with flying colors.

Source: Engadget