BlackBerry 9620

For a while now there has been mentions of a BlackBerry 9620 coming soon, yet there was very little information on it aside from the required UAProf listed on RIM's servers. That UAProf was listed long ago and showed that it's an OS 7.1 QWERTY device but now know what it looks like, what the full specs are, and for sure that it's headed Nextel Mexico as they've listed it on their site.

The image above is of course, the full spec sheet and as expected it's meant to be a cost-effective device for those looking to get into a BlackBerry smartphone. Pricing and actual release date have not been announced but Nextel Mexico has it pegged for release in December and is inviting those interested in purchasing one to sign up to be notified of availability. It's no BlackBerry 10 device but hey, it'll serve its intended purpose just fine! Thanks, Bloxter!

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