BlackBerry Password Keeper beta adds support for Google Drive backup and restore

A new beta for BlackBerry Password Keeper has begun rolling out, and for folks who love the app, this is either going to be a feature you love and use or one you have absolutely zero interest in using. For this release, BlackBerry has added the ability to automatically back up and restore password records from Google Drive.

As part of the beta, the new setup process for BlackBerry Password Keeper will ask if you wish to backup your Password Keeper records to Google Drive. If you choose yes, it'll ask which account you wish to use, and once you approve it, you won't have to worry about setting it up again if you switch devices or for whatever reason need to set up Password Keeper again. You can just log in, hit restore and you'll be good to go with all your passwords once again.

Once set up, you can also control when backups are made, delete backups and more. It's a pretty awesome addition that that's long overdue but as I mentioned, some folks might never use it due to the fact you're offloading your passwords to Google Drive but, in the app, it does note the passwords are encrypted when stored through your Google account. As it stands, it's still a beta, so we'll have to wait for it to be rolled out to everyone.

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Thanks, John!