Hey Lollipop

BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition captured on video running Android


Before the weekend kicked off, the folks over at 4GNews posted up some images of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition running Android Lollipop but what most folks missed was that the images were taken from a video. Rather then posting just those images, we decided to wait and see if the video would pop up and sure enough, it has now appeared. The device appears to be the same device that leaked out earlier but this time around, we get a good look of it in action running through some of the settings as well as the Google Play Store.

Sadly, that's where the information stops and while some outlets have dubbed it the Passport 2, we're not ready to call it that just yet. With all that has been happening surrounding the BlackBerry 'Venice' slider, a more reasonable thought would be that BlackBerry is using this as a test bed for running Android but alas, even that is speculation at this point. The video does, however, add even more credibility to the images put out by @evleaks showing both the original and the Silver Edition Passport running Android, not that it was really needed at this point. Things are getting weird in Waterloo.

UPDATE - As Thurask noted in the comments, the device looks to identify itself as the Oslo. A codename we should all be familiar with from earlier leaks before the Dallas codename appeared for the Silver Edition Passport.