The Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9981 smartphone was announced two months ago with a question mark for a release date. It looks like some high-end smartphone seekers may have a happy holiday now as the BlackBerry P'9981 is set to be released in the luxury department store Harrods and will be exclusive to the UK (at least for now). The device rings in a price tag of £1,275 (approx. $1998 USD) which sticks to the $2,000 sticker price that was originally specualted. The P'9981 is sporting a 1.2GHz processor, touchscreen, full QWERTY keyboard, 5MP and much more. Harrods is expected to have the device by the end of December.

So will you be picking up a P'9981? Think it's the hottest phone yet or not worth your time? Sound off in the comments!

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Source: T3