MobiLens Churn Rates 

While most of the world has news of BlackBerry smartphones struggling to keep up with iPhone sales or Android sales, the UK can boast a different story. A recent report by comScore's MobiLens has found that during a three month period ending in July, a massive 69.9 percent of current BlackBerry owners opted to purchase another BlackBerry device. This percentage puts them ahead of the Apple iPhone owners who place second and HTC coming in third.

We've seen a similar report to this from a few months back where we saw BlackBerry's market share increase by 22.3 percent in the three month period ending in June 2011. It is always great to hear news like this and knowing that this report is for a period before BlackBerry 7 devices were released is even more enlightening. Now, that BlackBerry 7 devices are out we could only hoping that this keep numbers up, we've already seen Vodafone UK run out of stock on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and it is probably safe to say that I huge number of those sales were from current BlackBerry owners.

Via: BGR