BlackBerry OS Shows Up On...Windows Mobile!?!

Finally, all the Windows Mobile users over at WMExperts can rejoice!! (I kid, I kid). Anyone remember a little while back when RIM said it was working on a virtualization suite for Windows Mobile which would essentially "create" the BlackBerry OS on WinMob devices? Yes? No? Kinda? A refresher can be found on RIM's site. This suite has never made an appearance though... until now that is!

Seems our good buddy Ronen over at BerryReview recieved some nice pics of the BlackBerry OS running on a HTC Touch Pro (aka AT&T Fuze from the SPE Round Robin). While the details are kinda sketchy at this point it does seem as though we may soon be seeing that suite come to life. Looks like a BIG improvement over BlackBerry Connect which has faded off into the sunset. Sound off in the comments!

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