BlackBerry Bold 9900

This might seem all too obvious to some folks considering RIM is still releasing OS's for devices such as the Curve 8900 but it's certainly been on the minds of many. The question of whether or not BlackBerry OS 7+ devices will be supported in the long-term now that BlackBerry 10 is soon to be arriving. As noted by BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins on the latest earnings call, we can expect much support for BlackBerry OS 7 yet:

So just to be very clear, we will not just kind of stop BB7 from being supported. We have a significant R&D team working and continuing to work on BB7. And you just saw us innovating on BB7 as well when we announced the BBM voice capability. So we will maintain BB7. There is a strong success with BB7 devices in the Asia Pac markets. And as you can see on the devices that we’re launching with BB10, you can probably get an idea of in which price points they fit.

So no, we will support those on-boarding, entry-level smartphone markets. We will continue to support them with BlackBerry 7, and you might expect us to even build one of the other new products based on BlackBerry 7. Because for those messaging-oriented markets, it’s an exciting platform and its a really perfect platform.

That's great news for those running BlackBerry OS 7+ devices out there and not quite ready to move to BlackBerry 10 for whatever reason. It's also pretty obvious we're still going to be seeing at the very least, one more of those cost effective devices land as well.