BlackBerry OS 5.0 To Have Tabbed Browsing!

We all love our BlackBerry devices, but one thing you may not like about it is the built in browser. RIM has improved their browser over the years, most noticeably at first with the launch of OS 4.5. And here we are now about to roll into version 5.0 device software and though we have already seen a good glimpse of it in action (many of us have tried the previously leaked betas), RIM has snuck a new feature into the most recent builds - tabbed browsing.

Tabbed browsing in the BlackBerry browser is finally a reality! Now while it's not earth shattering news it does show that RIM is still working on giving us a functional browser. The only problem with such a thing though is that while they may be working on the browser, it still doesn't feel right. At this point, the implemenation of the tabs is menu based which makes it less than user-friendly. At least RIM has really improved the speed of the browser in recent builds. Now it's a matter of working out the kinks for the rest of the browser that is the issue. Check out some more screen shots after the jump and be sure to let us know what you think of tabs in the browser.

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Two Tabs Showing In The BlackBerry Browser!

Creating A New Tab With BlackBerry Browser!

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New Tab Now Opened In BlackBerry Browser!