BlackBerry OS update files now available for download

Familiar with OS leaks and don't mind updating your device through autoloaders and such? If that describes you, you can now download the BlackBerry OS update files for most BlackBerry 10 smartphones. This OS was certified for the BlackBerry Classic a while ago, so folks have been waiting for it to appear and while there is no autoloaders built as of yet, the debrick, core OS and radio files are there and readily available for download. As for what's new and what's broke, well, no one knows yet as it's fresh off the servers.

That said, have at it. Unless of course you're already running, I dunno, 10.3.2. In which case, this will mean nothing to you at all as you're either already happy with the OS or got yourself stuck on 10.3.2. Keep in mind, this should be treated like a leak and with that in mind, you assume all responsibility in loading these files. If your BlackBerry 10 smartphone turns into a Decepticon and attacks you, don't come crying to me. Cool? Cool.

Download OS for most BlackBerry 10 devices