Tired of whatever OS it is that you're running on your BlackBerry 10 device? If so, another new OS has now been made available for download and this time around it's OS Like some releases before it, the base files are from OS but the radio file used is and although it's not really a leak, it comes in autoloader form for all BlackBerry 10 devices except for the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1.

There's a few new things in there such as the updated BBM with stickers but some of the stuff, such as the camera, is possibly also a downgrade for you depending on what OS you're running as this release is using an earlier version. In any case, while this can't really be classified as a leak, it should be treated like one as it needs to be loaded via an autoloader or through the non-destructive OS update process.

You can grab the autoloaders in the CrackBerry Forums courtesy of DarcyTallGuy as well as the individual update .bar files. If you're reading this and don't really understand any of it, you can ask in the forums for help or maybe consider skipping it and stick to what OS you're currently running.