BlackBerry owners with OS 10.2 will be happy to know that Voice Control has received the Wolfram Alpha treatment. Wolfram Research dropped word on Twitter earlier today that the Wolfram Alpha answer engine is now available for OS 10.2 with "more updates coming soon".

We're thinking this only applies to those running an official version of 10.2 - AKA any BlackBerry Z30 owners. 

The Wolfram Alpha engine provides access to loads of knowledge that includes everything ranging from simple math to chemicals, engineering, astronomy and much more. In just what capacity the engine is integrated with Voice Control we're not quite sure, but you can bet we'll be playing around to figure out just how much we can dig up.

If you're a Z30 owner or somehow running an official version of OS 10.2 on another device, be sure to test out your Voice Control to see this in action. You may have a small software update waiting (like I did) that you'll need to install to get this working. 

With Wolfram|Alpha and Voice Control, BlackBerry customers can get answers to their questions, queries and trivia through Wolfram|Alpha’s expansive, human-curated collection of data.

Examples of such queries include:

  • What is the weather in New York?
  • When is sunset tomorrow?
  • What’s 18% of $43.00?
  • How many days are there until New Year’s Eve?

“BlackBerry wants to bring customers the best possible mobile experience. You can use Voice Control to make a phone call or dictate a message -- it will even read a message to you. Adding natural language query with Wolfram|Alpha allows customers to get answers by simply speaking their question. It benefits personal productivity,” said Adrian Gould, Vice President of Handheld Software Product Management at BlackBerry.

“We’re excited and happy that this relationship will give BlackBerry customers access to meaningful knowledge and answers through Wolfram|Alpha,” said Luc Barthelet, Executive Director of Wolfram|Alpha. “Bringing Wolfram|Alpha to BlackBerry smartphones is an important step in Wolfram’s mission to make computable knowledge available everywhere.”