Just a few weeks back we asked you what you want to see come to BlackBerry OS 10.2. While the response was incredible the suggestions were all across the board. We heard everything from PIN/pattern lock to lockscreen weather to the ability to pin apps as Active Frames.

We've already seen that future updates will be brining lock screen notifications, priority contacts and an 'easy password' feature, but there is certainly plenty more in store down the road as well.

Our good friend Pootermobile did a bit of work and came up with one BlackBerry OS 10.2 update concept that looks pretty sweet. The concept shows off new features like homescreen quick settings, a customizable bottom bar and a lockscreen media player. 

For the homescreen quick settings, you would be able to choose what settings appear in the dropdown and in what order. You could arrange items or choose to hide any you don't use. The menu itself would be scrollable as well.

The bottom bar would be customizable allowing you to choose an app in place of the phone, search or camera icons. Just drag an app icon to the bottom to swap it out.

Lastly a lockscreen media player is proposed for the update. This one is very straightforward and makes a lot of sense. As of now there is no good way to access your playing media when the device is locked, so having it accessible on the lockscreen would be a great fit. 

What do you want to see in future updates?

So that leaves us at the question of what you want to see in future updates. We know that there are some cool features coming as soon as OS 10.1, but what else would you really want to see added into BlackBerry 10? More settings? Different Active Frame functions? 

You can check out our original post here to see plenty of great ideas, then hit up the comments below and let us know what features you'd like to see in the next update(s) to BlackBerry 10.