It's not often that concept designs really stand out to me but a new BlackBerry design making its way around the internet called Opus has caught my attention recently. It comes from a group of folks, called BlackBerry Network and was posted on Behance recently and overall, it reimagines what a BlackBerry and accessories can be by skipping 'traditional' phone design.

Rather than taking inspiration from a phone design, the BlackBerry Network team redesigned an identity card, and built off of that to come up with the BlackBerry Opus concept.

Mobile devices have become smart these days and that's great. But they present one problem: distraction, leading to low productivity, a strict danger to the growth of offices.

Opus is a digital Office Identity Card that helps you operate better, communicate effectively.

Placed intuitively around your neck, it gives you only the tools necessary to manage your day to day work in a connected office network.

The device provides you with quick voice notes, calling and texting for smoother teamwork, becomes your partner during presentations, keeps a database for all your daily tasks and documents, and helps keep you focused by blocking out distractions.

When it comes to the software, there's clearly a lot of BlackBerry 10 influence found here with Opus making use of gestures and homescreens similar to those found on BlackBerry 10. Keeping in line with the minimal distraction goals, Opus offers only three panels for your work activities.

Keeping work functions in mind, Opus also integrates Meeting Mode, Voice Notes, Tak syncing as well as payments and ways to track your travel activities by incorporating easy access to boarding passes, receipts and more.

The design team for Opus also went so far as to create packaging for the device with the vision that it would be handed out to new employees. Additionally, the packaging, as well as the device, can be branded with company logos.

Accessories were a must-have as well, and the design team imagined the ability to connect to an office display with Opus for presentations, meetings and more.

The thing I really like about the Opus concept is that it doesn't play into the consumer side of things. There's no talk of specs here, nothing that is really impossible to implement, it's just a nice design that plays on the idea of a BlackBerry in the workplace and what it could potentially be if BlackBerry were to embrace that side of hardware again. Still, it's just a concept.

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