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BlackBerry is one of the most visible brands in the new season of House of Cards


Netflix's House of Cards is a hit and if you've ever watched it, then you know product placement on the show is huge as well. So much so that a lot of time goes into analyzing the brands within each episode. The folks at Concave Brand Tracking are the latest to pull some of that data and after having combed through the latest season, have named BlackBerry as the number one mobile phone brand for visibility and screen time within the show.

After losing ground to the numerous new competitors in season 3, BlackBerry has a strong showing in season 4. In fact, as Apple's share of visibility was further eroded by Samsung, Nokia/Microsoft and OnePlus, BlackBerry actually became the #1 mobile phone Brand in this latest season. This both in terms of screen time and overall visibility. BlackBerry accounts for 28% of mobile phone visibility, followed closely by Apple with 26%. Samsung comes in 3rd with 20%, newcomer OnePlus was 4th with 17% and Nokia trails the lot with under 5%. This is a very different picture than season 1 when mobile phones were split 66/44 between just Apple and BlackBerry.

When it comes to how BlackBerry was portrayed in the show, Concave Brand Tracking notes BlackBerry was largely portrayed as a professional brand used in contexts of politics and government with no new major characters using the devices. One other observation, found by folks in the Crackberry Forums, is that while the BlackBerry devices shown are legacy devices (meaning not BlackBerry 10 or Priv) they're showing the devices running BlackBerry 10.

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We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.