blackberry woman

A software industry association today published a list of the most important developments of the past decade and the BlackBerry cracked the top 10.

According to the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) 10 developments confirmed to their criteria and had a “significant impact on electronic commerce” in the past 10 years. “E-commerce has provided a significant engine for the growth of the global economy and has sparked the delivery of a multitude of innovative products and services,” said SIIA president Ken Wasch.

“It is no surprise to see Google rank as the most important e-commerce development in the past 10 years. But the list also includes several e-commerce tools that have become so commonplace that we almost forget they did not exist 10 years ago,” added Wasch.

SIIA Top 10 Most Significant E-commerce Developments of the Past 10 Years:

1. Google (September 1998)

2. Broadband penetration of US internet users reaches 50 per cent (June 2004)

3. EBay auctions (September 1997)

4. (IPO May 1997)

5. Google AdWords (2000)

6. Open standards (HTML 4.0 1997)

7. Wi-Fi (802.11 1997)

8. User-generated content (YouTube 2005)

9. ITunes (2001)

10. BlackBerry (1999)

The list was compiled by policy and industry experts from a wider list of developments chosen by SIIA staff. Voting occurred over the past month.