BlackBerry offering one year of forwarding services for email accounts

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With the BlackBerry Z10 now hitting the market, many folks picking the device up have been wondering why they can no longer use their BlackBerry provided email addresses. Instead, the setup process of those emails on BlackBerry 10 simply states the email accounts no longer supported through the device.

If you're not familiar with these email accounts, they were once offered by BlackBerry to those making use of a BlackBerry smartphone. Normally, they would carry some carrier association with them. (e.g.: [email protected].) For some, it has been the only email address they've known despite the multitude of email providers available out there. So, what's BlackBerry doing with those accounts? We now know the answer, thanks to b320!

Recognizing this would be an issue for some, BlackBerry has posted a knowledge base article on the matter that outlines the details on what exactly they're doing to help make the transition all a bit easier for customers. In short, a process has been set up that will allow for all emails you have directed to that account to be forwarded to a new designated email that you've created. So for example a new GMail, Yahoo or Outlook account you've established. For now, the options are available to carriers in Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Africa with more planned as the device launches occur. In order to get that sorted, you can follow the directions below:

Overview: BlackBerry email addresses are usually in the format user@<serviceprovider> When a BlackBerry email address is moved to a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, email messages from the BlackBerry email address can be forwarded to the new email address for one year.

NOTE: The one year of email forwarding cannot be extended.

When using a BlackBerry email address as the BlackBerry ID username, it is strongly recommended to login and change the BlackBerry ID username to the email address that messages are being forwarded to. Follow the steps below to configure forwarding and to change the BlackBerry ID username.

  •  Navigate to the Forwarding web page
  • In the Email Address field, type your BlackBerry email address
  • In the Password field type your BlackBerry email address password
  • In the Forwarding Email Address field, type the email address to which email messages sent to your BlackBerry email address will be forwarded to
  • In the Confirm Forwarding Email Address field, retype the forwarding email address
  • Click Next
  • Close the browser 

Note: Once the forwarding rule is created, it can take between 5 and 15 minutes before it becomes active and email starts to forward to your new email address. In a future release of software after attempting to setup the BlackBerry email address from Settings - Accounts there will be an automatic redirect to the forwarding web page

Follow these steps to change your BlackBerry ID username via the BlackBerry 10 smartphone

  • Swipe down from the homescreen and select Settings
  • Scroll down and tap BlackBerry ID
  • Tap Edit
  • Tap within the BlackBerry ID Username field and remove the current email address
  • Type the new email address and press and hold the space bar to hide the keyboard
  • Tap Submit and Continue when prompted
  • Enter your current BlackBerry ID password and tap OK to complete the change
  • Tap OK to return to BlackBerry ID settings 

Alternatively your BlackBerry ID username can be changed via the BlackBerry ID website

  • Visit from a PC or the BlackBerry® Browser
  • Click Log in
  • Enter the BlackBerry ID Username (email address) and password, then click Sign In
  • Click Account Details
  • Next to Details, click Edit
  • Remove the current Username (email address) that is displayed and replace it with the Username you want to use, then click Save
  • Click Done to exit from the BlackBerry ID account information screen

NOTE: Moving forward please use the new email address when signing into BlackBerry ID.

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